About UEBS

The Urban Evergreen Bee Sanctuary is a local (Olympia WA) non-profit corporation “dedicated to providing a pesticide-free urban setting for native bees, and honey bees alike.”

Along with many local volunteers, Heather started with the dream of providing sun hives to the general public, and to make natural beekeeping practices common practice.

After attending a Top Bar workshop with Clorado natural beekeeper, Corwin Bell, Heather began making top bar beehives by recieving local grants from the Community Sustaining Fund of Thurston County,  The City of Olympia, and donations from community members.

Please support the Urban Evergreen Bee Sanctuary, as we work toward ecology health.


Making bee hives is a team effort! Banana green smoothie for the worker bees.



3 thoughts on “About UEBS

  1. Pavel Mikoloski

    I hear you have a grant to provide hives to local people. Is this program still available?



    • Heather Wood

      Hello Pavel,
      We won a small grant, and are writing for more grants. UEBS is dedicated to getting hives to everyone who wants them- may I add you to the list of hive recipients?
      We do rely on grants, donations, and charity. If you can, please donate to our cause, otherwise we will get one to you as funds allow.
      Thank you for your interest in saving the honey bee,
      Heather Wood

  2. Rose Marie Gray

    I love to see this work being done. I’ve been watching the bees closely for years and am aware of how much of a decline there is. It is time I start a bee hive of my own to do my part and I want to start an awareness among my elementary students. Anyone willing to come down to Shelton to help me teach about bees in our community garden?


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