Wall of Thanks

Gratitude is High Priority


Community Sustaining Fund of Thurston county, http://www.oly-wa.us/csf/ : Grant Benefactor

Scott Bishop: Hundreds of hours building hives, and anything else I need. You are a gem!

Corwin Bell: Teaching natural beekeeping practices, http://www.backyardhive.com/

Pat Rasmussen: Thank you for calling on me to help host. Thank you for mentoring me through community work!

Evergreen students/colleagues/volunteers: Thank you for playing in the magic with me!

King County Libraries: Thank you for hosting the many bee talks on genetic diversity.

Marlene’s Market and Deli: Thank you for inviting me to share the hive at Federal Way, and letting me have a hive in the Tacoma market. Thank you for asking me to write articles for your Sound Outlook – my honor!

Thurston County Food Bank: Thank you for commissioning two hives for your rooftop sanctuary!

222 Market, Sophie’s Scoops, and Chelsea’s Oyster Bar: Thank you for hosting rooftop hives, and sending me to queening school at WSU!

Customers: Placing orders with me at the Olympia Farmer’s Market, donating money.

Roger Gemelle:  Website and Volunteering design-lots of time.

Steve Wilcox of Olympia Boat woods: Donating fir and cedar lumber _ RIP Steve Wilcox.

Michael Hurley of Medicine Wheel Ranch: Providing sustainable cedar, taking orders, cutting to size, patience and enthusiasm!

Alicia Elliot of West Central Park: Thank you for appreciating this project and showing up as a bee hostess. The park is beautiful with bees!

Renata Burgene: Table Saw Donation.

Thad and Joe: Router use and jig saw.

Doug Webb: Transporting lumber with his truck to Mossyrock, WA and back.

Katherine Kirchoff: Volunteering-building, cleaning, writing, laughing, joking

Katie Schneberge: Volunteering-building, camera work, logo, laughing, joking.

Adeline: Spending years with me on this project. You are my everything.

Family, Friends, and Community: Visualizing a world with more bees.

Katie Schneberge volunteering

Katie Schneberge volunteering

Arianna Nirvana and Diane Lehnerd Volunteering at the Olympia Farmer's Market

Arianna Nirvana and Diane Lehnerd Volunteering at the Olympia Farmer’s Market

Adeline is posing on a log.

Adeline is posing on a log.

Katie and Katherine hard at work

Katie and Katherine Hard at Work

Corwin Bell Teaching

Corwin Bell Teaching


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