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Beeing part of your community’s soul-ution is revolutionary and rewarding! By subscribing to monthly payments today, you are securing bees in community that could last a human lifetime, or better yet, seven generations.

If you are new to honey bees, and had not heard yet: Honey bees divide exponentially each year. By helping one colony to survive, we are potentially giving life to generations of hundreds of thousands of bees for years to come.

Workshop Donations
Apiary Donations

Bees do grow on trees, but unfortunately trees are being cleared for development which leaves less and less housing for our honey bee friends.

By hosting bees on your site, or funding another site, you create shelter and care that can improve our urban agricultural bounty.

Hive on Bike

Top bar hive decoration


Katie with Top Bar Hives

Katie with Top Bar Hives

All hives are made with 100% FSC Certified Lumber locally sourced in Mossyrock, WA.

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Thanks very much … We appreciate your participation!

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