Natural Beekeeping and Honey Tasting

June 7th, 11:00 AM, we meet at Capital Vision Community Garden in NE Olympia.

This is a Fundraiser for the 50 Beehives in 10 Days: August Beehive Building Marathon.

Reserve your spot and select the donate PayPal button at:
Inquiries please call: (360) 551.0674

Kirsten Sogge will give a Honey Chocolate Demonstration -yum! Kirsten Sogge offers her honey chocolate nationwide, and it’s a good thing she’s right here in the neighborhood. Samples and personal workshop with Kirsten Sogge is valued at $129.99 all by itself!
Don’t miss this opportunity to support local Bee nonprofit, and to foster local beekeeping community!

Call now to reserve your place, or simply visit UEBS website, and click on the DONATE button.

Published Local bee expert, Ernie Schmidt, imparts the importance of Screen Bottom Boards in the natural treatment of Varroa mites. Ernie’s expertise from years of experience, field research, and data collection proves invaluable in view of today’s honey bee crisis. Examples of Screen Bottom Boards for the 3 major kinds of hives will be on exhibit this Sunday morning! Bring your questions and enthusiasm for natural beekeeping.

Suggested donation: $127.00 (sliding scale, students free, no one turned away)! All are welcome to learn about Natural beekeeping.

Parking available, and Bicyclists are welcome to this Not-to-be-Missed opportunity.

Bees and Bicycles Tour

Two Day Meetup Fundraiser

Pat Rasmussen, Armin E. Schmidt Ernie, and Kirsten Sogge join with Urban Evergreen Bee Sanctuary to present Natural Solutions to local food production via Food Forests and Hugelkultur, and sustaining local bee populations via organic mite control.

We will take a bicycle tour East Side Olympia neighborhoods of local beekeepers’ hives. Help South Sound Bee guardian, Tiffany Korn open up her beehive, and taste Kirsten Sogge’s world famous Honey Chocolate.
Meet Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 (bikes are preferred, and optional).
Pack a lunch!

Suggested Donation for this spectacular lineup: $129.00
(No one turned away, Students free, Sliding Scale)IMG_1352 (480x640)