Hive Selection

Golden Mean Top Bar Hive:

18 bars

Sloped Roof

Viewing window

Suggested donation $359.99


Installation: $60.00

Management: $60.00/month up to four visits/ month

Costs: feeding, weatherization, and restocking, are examples of extra costs-as needed.

Each top bar hive can be made to order. Many hives with double length, two windows, and rounded porch are in use.

Sun Hive:

Divider board

9 crescent shaped top bar ribs


Two hand woven baskets, top and bottom to fit. Organic (in process) straw grass.

Suggested Donation: $839.99


Caked and dried with organic cow dung: $124.99

10′ tall Cedar Shaked Shelter: $729.99

System Installation with bees: $269.99
sun hive install with scott  scottcloseupwithsunhive       Adeline wdith shelter


Custom Lazutin:

Hinged Roof

viewing Window


Suggested Donation: $759.99

lazutninolid lazutinwithross Rosswith lazutinframes lazuin on cart lazuin on cart
This custom Lazutin was finely finished with beveled edges, custom viewing window, and a hinged roof with reinforced back. fitted with customized frames.

I take orders for original Lazutin hives.

Original Lazutin  suggested donation: $419.99

Include custom frames: $719.99

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